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Learn German in Assam

Are you planning to learn German in Assam?

Here’s are few institutes where you can learn German in Assam?

Welcome to our website, where you may find the top resources in Assam for learning German. Our courses, classes, and private coaching choices are made to support you in achieving your language learning objectives, regardless of your level of experience with the language or if you’re a novice. Given the importance of learning a new language in today’s worldwide society, we are committed to giving our pupils the best possible education. In order to guarantee that you get the most out of your language learning experience, our knowledgeable and experienced instructors employ a variety of teaching strategies and resources. We provide thorough training that is adapted to your unique requirements and learning style, covering everything from grammar and vocabulary to reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our programmes are intended to assist.

Below are the few places where you can start your journey to learn German in Assam.

1. British School of Language 

British School of Language helps students with learning the online German course at all levels with the help of knowledgeable mentors.

Learn from a highly qualified and experienced mentor

We at BSL provide classes from a certified trainer who has completed appropriate training and has enough experience to guide others in terms of the German language. They follow a methodical approach throughout the training period so that students could attain the best in terms of acquiring knowledge of a language.

Group learning and personal classes option available

Both group and individual learning options are available as per the student(s) requirement. The maximum batch size is 5, so individual attention could be given to each one. The personal learning option is one of the best available options in terms of learning for those who work at rigid office hours and could hardly spare time for regular classes. So in personal session course would be customized and planned as per the student(s) availability.

Best study material

It took years involving hard work and determination to provide the best study material to our students. Best keep updating it from time to time, well researched and effective study material for all our students

Books are available on Amazon and Flipkart to buy

Our books are available on Amazon and Flipkart so there is no wait to get the books delivered to your doorstep by an institution you may easily order and get them delivered as soon as possible.

Tremendously judicious charges

British school of languages provides German language classes at a very reasonable fee, charges are according to the levels opted for as there are six levels to be done A1, A1, B1, B2, C1 and C2 fee starting with 12700 onwards for the initial levels and it goes up once a learner reaches to intermediate or Advance level.

2. German Institute


In spite of the fact that this institute is not physically located in Assam, they do offer online lessons. Its instructors are highly skilled professionals with at least 12 years of classroom experience. They will all teach you a fantastic accent because they have all had actual conversations with German speakers. They incorporate films, role-playing, and other interactive methods that make the lessons engaging. To contact them, dial +91 9650046696 on Whatsapp, or click here to visit their page to view their most recent courses.

Learn German in Assam

The German Institute is dedicated to providing students with excellent German language education and chances for cultural immersion. Our goal is to increase students’ knowledge of and excitement for German culture while also assisting them in developing their spoken, written, and comprehension of the language. From beginning to experienced speakers, we provide a variety of courses and programmes to meet the needs of our students. Our qualified and skilled instructors use a communicative approach that emphasises speaking and interacting. Everyone interested in studying German, whether for personal or professional reasons, should start at the German Institute.

Why learn German from Germaninstitute.co.in :

There are many compelling reasons to choose the German Institute if you want to study German. Here are a few illustrations:

Our team of instructors is made up of highly qualified native German speakers with years of experience instructing German as a second language. They are enthusiastic about what they do and dedicated to helping children thrive.

Strategies for effective language instruction: We base our approach to teaching languages on the most current research and state-of-the-art methods in second language acquisition. Communication-based language learning is the most effective approach and puts a big emphasis on speaking and interacting.

Immersive cultural experiences: In addition to language instruction, we offer a range of cultural activities and events that give students a close-up view of a diversity of cultures.

Phone : +91 9650046696  Website: https://www.germaninstitute.co.in

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